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Hugs Brady Margaux

02.06.2012 • 12 kg Bred by Peter and Karina Dahl Hug, Denmark

Agger 4,5 months old

Or as I call him: Agger, Bubbi or Rotten.

He is my french bulldog. The only one at the moment. Time will tell if he gets companions.

Agger has been a long time coming. It has been quite a process to get him, so he is much wanted.

He is a very laid back little dog, that doesn’t let life or it’s challenges get to him. He is perfectly capable of being on his own – but still likes the company of humans. He has inherited his mothers wonderful behaviour.

As for his name. It is by request by a dedicated Liverpool fan, who wanted to tribute another Danish bulldog – Daniel Agger! This boy is named in your honour :-)

He is bred by Kennel Hugs in Esbjerg, and I have been much fortunate to have visited him several times while growing up.

Thank you so much Peter and Karina, for this adorable and loving little boy. I love him endlessly.

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